Ever felt like there must be something more to life? Perhaps it’s a passing thought when you’ve crashed on the sofa exhausted after yet another day at work, or maybe it’s when the alarm clock goes off at 6am and you just can’t think of anything worse than getting up.

For the months leading up to me starting my blog journey, I was often in this headspace thinking ‘there must be something more’. My life was chaotic, I felt stressed and wanting to do more of what I loved but never getting around to it. The daily slog was really wearing me down.

After a week away on holiday with no distractions – mainly no TV, no work – I reached a point of being motivated enough to commit to making changes to get me to a place where I am happier and more fulfilled.

And that’s where my blog journey begins! I ┬áhaven’t quite figured out what my ‘something more’ looks like yet but my only real hope is for the journey to lead time to a place where I don’t sit and wonder ‘is this it?’.

To find out a little more about why I started this blog and get a feel for where my journey begins, go ahead and read my first ever blog page now.

At the time of starting my Healthfully Happy journey the following come to mind in ways I want to better myself:

  • Better diet (plant based is the hope!)
  • Better physical health (cardio/ tone rather than weight loss)
  • Less stress
  • Slower paced living
  • More focus on the important things in my life
  • Letting go of emotional worry/ baggage
  • Clearing debt

Will I achieve these things? Will they matter in a year’s time? Who knows, but let’s see where the journey takes us!