The Minimalism Game – My challenge and result!

So in October I set myself the challenge of completing the Minimalism game. Read more about it here. So how did I do?

I initially found that doing an item a day etc was something I easily forgot and wasn’t going to work for me which is fine as we all have our own styles so I began to group the days together which worked better for me. See my progress in photos below!

I ended the challenge with doing a major bedroom clear out which gave me my grand total and way over!

I ended the challenge donating 8 black bags to charity, shredding a black bag worth of paper for recycling and getting rid of old sentimental things which were gathering dust. I also got rid of shoes which were nearly new but not ever used. Competing the challenge felt good and just look at the change in my space!

No more randomly stuffed clothes/ bags and instead I have organised jewellery for the first time in ages! I went down from a drawer full, a hanging rail and a 5 tier jewellery box to this.

My dressing table had also become a hoarding ground and it’s now clear.

All in all, I’m really happy with the outcome of the challenge. I think the day thing didn’t work for me but I made the game work and got a great outcome! I’d really recommend giving it a go if you’re new to Minimalism too. It really helped me just begin to get rid of all of the maybes I’d been holding on to and I’m so so glad my space is now accessible and clean!

Think that was a success 😊

Have you completed the mins game yet?


4 thoughts on “The Minimalism Game – My challenge and result!

      1. You’re right, that’s a good way to get some motivation for the next project. Thanks for sharing your pictures – I think they will be motivating to others as well πŸ™‚


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