My Current Healthfully Happy Goals

So this journey isn’t just going to be about these points as I imagine new goals and wants will come out of starting this process but these are some of the things I want to change on this journey right now and no doubt will be my focus for awhile.

My diet: 

I can keep fooling myself but my diet isn’t helping me. Not getting enough fruit and veg, not even actively trying to be honest, eating way too many biscuits and even getting to the stage where I’m not even taking lunch to work so cafes (and more junk) are the only option. After going gluten free a few years ago for 6 months, I noticed a difference. Quite a big difference really. I had more energy, I would wake up feeling refreshed rather than tired and I didn’t bloat after meals. Yet I still went back to eating gluten, fully knowing its effects on my body (why do we do this to ourselves?!). Diet can also impact on my skin and after watching ‘what the health’ I have become interested in the plant based way. I always say ‘I’ll eat better’ but let’s be honest, I don’t! I hold negative feelings about not changing my diet though – I feel guilty, I think ‘I should’ and these thoughts are weighing me down. What better way to begin my healthfully happy journey than to just try it and see what happens! This will involve me searching for the way and documenting my progress.

My debt

Having listened to the Minimalists podcast on budgeting, I realised that I am in so much debt that I’m just in denial about it now. I spend too much and am constantly spending more than my salary. Its led me to two balance transfer credit cards I am paying off, racking up the bill on a third (which no doubt will become another transferred balance!) and I owe family money for furnishing when I moved home. In total I have debts of over 5000 and I have tried to pretend it will all be okay. That’s not even included my student debts and I don’t even earn a mega salary (I work for the NHS!)….The reason I want to change my debt situation is because it niggles at me constantly. I feel so stressed and worried when I think about it and ignoring it isn’t going to make it go away. Though I have tried….! I need to act and just hearing Ryan and Joshua talk about how liberating it is to spend money you have rather than are in debt of just sounds amazing! I have already begun this step and worked out my monthly expenses. It was dire and made my heart sink literally when I realised how little actual ‘spend’ I have left after necessities and paying debts, but its the hard truth I needed. I’m in debt because I have spent way more than what I have left over each month. My budget is tiny (no more Starbucks or Costas on impulse!) but in reality, it is manageable if getting out of debt is important to me. The thought of being out of debt is incredible. My budget spreadsheet will be my next post.

My Physical health:

I’m naturally slim – 5ft 7, size 8/10 – and have generally never worried about my weight. I am one of those types who can eat what she wants and stay slim (sorry!) so I’ve never thought about keeping fit (this probably influenced my diet too!). Ever since moving house (2015), I have become a comfortable size 10. Now being a size 10 isn’t the problem and I’m okay with my size but I know I’m not toned and I definitely need cardio in my life! I have done yoga in the past but I cannot remember the last time I truly committed to exercise!

In 2016, I actually began Couch25k in an attempt to get active. However after week 5 I gave up. This is what happens to me, I start, I stop. I get a new goal – I start, I stop. This year I actually re started it and have begun to run for 20 minutes straight which for me is fantastic! I haven’t reached the 5k mark on straight jogging yet and so this time I don’t want to start and stop, I want to reach my goal and continue! I want to also tone and just keep my body physically fit.

My time:

Too much of my time at home is spent watching TV. One week away from home with only a Portuguese TV and I haven’t missed the TV once. It’s incredible how much time we can waste on meaningless activities when given the chance. I’m not saying I don’t like watching TV – there are quite a few TV shows I like – but it does take up far too much of my time and I allow it to out of convenience and routine. What’s wrong with watching too much TV? For me, what’s wrong is it takes time away from me reading, doing yoga, meditating, blogging even and spending time on the things I keep saying I want to do. These are things I said I didn’t have time for but the reality is my time is badly spent and needs to be reshuffled! I’ve began to priorities my jogging so now it’s time to priorities doing things I value. That way I can stop feeling guilty about not doing them and feel good about doing them.


So these are just a start to my goals. I want to feel less stressed but I feel the way to get there is by living well which I hope these starter goals will help me work towards. They will take time but planning is all part of the journey.

So questions for you:

  • What are your goals?
  • Have you made changes? What made them stick?



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